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From Glenn:

The last fourteen months have been a roller coaster ride for sure. Last summer (2019), we had just completed our vacation and Jean had said for a few weeks that she noticed my legs were swelling and thought maybe a trip to the doctor might be a good idea. So, I reluctantly agreed and scheduled an appointment for the day after Labor Day. I keep my appointment and they call me into the office and the nurse checks all my vitals. The Doctor and the nurse return with a wheel chair and tell me they need to take me to the ER because of my heart rate. After, several hours in the ER, an ambulance trip, and several days in the hospital I was told I had heart rhythm problems that would need to be addressed.

Over the course of the next several months our goal was to solve this issue and other issues caused by the heart rhythm problem, the problem of fluid retention being the biggest. So after doctor’s appointments, three procedures, a stay in the hospital, several medications, I still wasn’t getting better. One of my doctors set up a trip to Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion. So we went to the appointments that were scheduled for Monday, October 5 and planned to be there for a few hours and have ended up being here for several days.

The purpose for the doctors was to help me feel better but, even more important to determine what was causing the fluid retention. After tests, x-rays, and biopsies, the team of doctors here at Cleveland Clinic have determined that I have two conditions which typically go hand in hand. First, a rare blood disorder called Amyloidosis. Amyloidosis (am-uh-loy-doh-sis) is a protein disorder with treatment that includes chemotherapy drugs, immunotherapy drugs and steroids. The second, called Multiple Myeloma, is a type of blood cancer that is in the plasma cells. The treatment is the same for Multiple Myeloma as for Amyloidosis. Fortunately the doctors say both of these are very treatable.

I can not deny this past year has been difficult with all of my health issues and missing several Worship Services and not being able to work like I once did because of health issues but, I certainly am grateful that the team here at Cleveland Clinic was able to diagnose what has been causing my problem and develop a treatment plan for it. I know short term I will be having treatments weekly for the next several months and follow up visits to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment. Long term I will be facing this for the rest of my life.

So, as I face my new normal first, thank you family and friends for your outpouring of support through your prayers, notes, cards, gas cards, and other expressions of love. It has been so helpful knowing we have people who are praying and thinking about us as Jean and our family have walked this uncertain road together. Please continue to pray for Jean and I and our family as we face this uncertain road together.


From the Family:

Glenn's life in service as a pastor, worship leader, friend, and music minister has touched many lives over the past four decades. You may know him from many years of Sunday morning worship, dozens of nursing home concerts, patriotic anthems for Trine University football and Balloons Aloft, reading at the local elementary school, frequenting local dining, or as one of his kids' most faithful cheerleader for many sporting events or performances throughout their lives, not to mention any number of other ways he's given and served others joyfully! He has been a compassionate and gracious voice in leadership for hundreds of ministry volunteers, putting on Easter cantatas, full length dramas, and original musicals. Glenn rarely forgets a face or a name and both he and Jean will certainly be touched by every single gift or prayer shared in this time of hardship. Insurance doesn't cover the costs for travel, time away from work, laundry, food, hotels, or a myriad of other needs that arise when you are in cancer treatment since Glenn and Jean have been at the Cleveland Clinic in pursuit of answers since October 5. There are significant expenses that remain even after insurance has been applied due to nature and location of the procedures and treatments that Glenn has undergone in the past year, so the goal we've set is just a fraction of what will ultimately be required, but we know the Lord will provide!! Glenn and Jean will be deeply touched by any gift you share but as much or more by the continued intercession and encouragement given in the name of Jesus.
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